Solar Air Heater Control

The threats of climate Change due to the excessive use of energy are increasing, the world must make maximum use of solar energy to minimize the threats.
solar air heater control

In 2018 almost 30% of total annual UK energy is used for home heating.

Free Hot Solar Heated Air can be collected by solar air collectors, conservatories, and somewhat accidentally, home attics, and transferred into homes by fans at almost no cost.

Many solar air collectors and plans for them are available via the internet, the newly available Solar Air Heater Control is specifically designed for a wide range of solar air heating systems using system configuration parameters .

The control not only efficiently controls solar heating systems, it also accurately measures and records solar heating system performance and is especially useful for solar air heat collector designers.

Well designed, constructed and controlled Solar Air Heating systems provide the most efficient home heating by orders of magnitude as shown:

solar air heater control

Heating system efficiencies translate into Heat Cost per kWh, the standard unit of energy. High efficiencies result in low costs, large cost savings for users, and they reduce fossil fuel use.

solar air heater control

The heat energy provided by solar heated air *** Add link to Heat in Hot Air *** and transferred is proportional to the Hot – Cool air temperature difference, and to the air flow achieved. Typical annual average 'solar air collector – room temperature' differences achieved by our Solar Air Heater Control range from 4 to 10°C, this results in heating efficiencies from 30 to 208 when using fans similar to those specified above. The solar air heater control system operation is optimised to achieve a maximum average temperature difference.

The efficiency of a heating system is calculated from:
Heat Energy Produced / Heat Energy Used by the heating system

The heat energy used by a Solar Air Heating system is the power consumed by the fan plus the power used by the control system, in comparison, the later is generally negligible for a well designed control system.

Solar Air Heater Control - System Diagram
solar air heater control system diagram